Coach Limo, Ltd.

Terms & Conditions

Coach Limo, Ltd. Terms & Conditions

Method of payment must be established prior to trip. Coach Limo, Ltd. currently accepts all major credit cards. Chauffeurs are not authorized to apply or discount charges. Credit cards are charged after transfer is complete, with exception to specialty vehicle rentals which are billed a deposit-prior to completion. 

Point-To-Point Transfers
The base price is determined in relation to the service requested. All point-to-point transfers are charged a base rate in addition to a 20% gratuity, a 10% surface transportation charge and a 3% fuel surcharge. Extra stops, wait time, holiday fees, off hours surcharges, tolls and parking are additional and will be charged accordingly. 

Hourly Service
Hourly rates are based per vehicle. Hourly trips are billable on a garage to garage basis. All hourly prices are subject to the same gratuity, surface transportation charge and fuel surcharge.

Additional Charges

  • Extra stop fees: Stops will depend on distance and location. 
  • Off Hours Surcharge: Billed between 12am and 5am, $20.00.
  • Tolls: Varies dependent upon original pickup location and destination.
  • Parking: Varies dependent upon arrival airport and time of wait.
  • Holiday Fees: Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas Eve (before 5pm) and New Years Eve (before 5pm) are subject to $15.00 fee. Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve (after 5pm) and New Year’s Eve (after 5pm) and Day are subject to $25.00 fee.

Wait Time Policy
Grace period is determined by the pick-up location and starts at the scheduled pick-up time. After the grace period, waiting time will be charged in 15 minute increments. 

Domestic Arrivals: 30 minute wait time allowed after flight landing. 
International Arrivals: 60 minute wait time allowed after flight landing. 
Pickups Other Than Airports: 15 minute wait time allowed from originally scheduled pickup time.
FBO Pickups: 15 minute wait time allowed after flight landing.
Flight Diversions: 60 minutes wait time allowed after landing at diverted airport.

Cancellation Policy & Changes

  • Sedans - Two or more hours before scheduled pickup time is needed to avoid incurring a rate cancellation fee.
  • SUV's -  Four or more hours before scheduled pickup time is needed to avoid incurring a rate cancellation fee. 
  • For out of town reservations, we require 4 hours advance notice prior to the scheduled pick up time to avoid incurring the cancellation fee.

Diverted Flights
If your flight is diverted to another airport, you have a 60 minute grace period to contact us from the time the flight lands at the diverted airport. You must tell us what your plans are; if you want us to release the vehicle that was scheduled to pick you up, keep the driver reserved until you are brought back to the original arrival airport, or re-book the reservations for another time if your arrival will not be for an extended amount of time. If the driver needs to be released, a no show rate will charged as opposed to the full rate. If you choose to have the driver wait for you to return to your original arrival airport you agree to pay waiting time from the time the grace period ends until the time your plane arrives back at the original airport.

In the event of a Natural Disaster, Act of Terrorism, Act of God, Declared State of Emergency, Inclement Weather, or Travel Bans, Coach Limo, Ltd. will make a reasonable effort to accommodate our reservations. We will not be held liable for any missed flights or subsequent expenses associated with any reservations due to the occurrences stated above.

A no-show fee equal to the hourly minimum or base transfer, as applicable for the confirmed vehicle plus fuel surcharge, tolls and parking, if applicable will apply should a passenger fail to cancel or meet the chauffeur at the designated pick up location for all reservations. To avoid either a late cancellation or no show fee the reservation must be cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy associated with the reservation. Leaving the pick-up location without notifying Coach Limo, Ltd. will result in a no-show fee.

*All special event change and cancellation policies supersede standard change and cancellation policies and are noted in the specific email confirmation.

Lost or Misplaced Items
Neither Coach Limo, Ltd. nor its employees shall be held responsible for items left in vehicles by any passengers. In the event that items are recovered, Coach Limo, Ltd. will make every effort to return them to their proper owner in a timely manner. Any items found in vehicles are retained by us for 30 days. Passengers should contact our office to arrange for a time and place to retrieve any lost property.

Rate Estimate
Rates quoted prior to service are only an initial estimate of the cost of services reserved. Additional services or changes to the original reservation may result in a change in the final fare.

Passenger Conduct
No alcohol may be consumed by anyone under the age of 21 in the vehicle. Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate termination of transportation without refund. No drugs or drug paraphernalia is allowed on board any of our vehicles. Violation of this policy is also grounds for immediate termination of transportation without refund. Passengers assume full responsibility for any damage caused to the vehicle during the duration of the rental. Any damage which exceeds normal wear and tear of the vehicle Coach Limo, Ltd. has provided will be subject to fees based on the actual cost of repair, replacement or cleaning. Driver reserves the right to terminate any trip if passenger or chauffeur safety is at risk or if there is reason to believe illegal activity is taking place aboard the vehicle.

All rates are subject to change.
Terms and conditions last updated November 2017.